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Team Bosss Hoss Rec is proud to present the new album by legendary Mexican Surf Band: Lost Acapulco!!! Pioneers of the Mexican Surf scene since 1996 with a powerful, dizzying live sound. There’s no doubt: with them you’ll dance from the first ‘till the last song. In live shows, they wear classic Lucha Libre masks, Hawaiian shirts, and beach accessories. Don’t miss them!!! SURF, SURF , SURF. BLUE VINYLS LIMITED EDITION 150 COPIES ONLY!!! ARE YOU READY TO MOVE YOUR ASS? Side A El Rey del Rock Rock Terremoto Burning Patrol La Astronauta Málaga Storm Side B Escape de Santa Martha Headbangers & Overdrives Green Beans El Caballo Del Diablo Guerrero Negro

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NEW ALBUM for LOST ACAPULCO (Legendary Mexican Surf Band)


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News News News from Boss Hoss Rec!!!

The legendary surf Mexican band Lost Acapulco signed a deal with Boss Hoss rec.

The Boss Hoss rec team is really proud to have this legendary band in the stable.

The album will be out in September for Lost Acapulco forthcoming Europe tour.

More news coming soon!!!