Thee Catacombs


The band was founded in Morciano di romagna with the early name of “Dirty Shadows”, thanks to Enrico’s sister that after met G.T. in the legendary Slego Rock Club in Rimini. After a year of performing as resident band at Rockabilly’s club and some other gigs, with great public acclaim, thee Catacombs were born. Even without Facebook, musical fortune arrived to these guys thanks to their live performances & stage-presence. The same succes was repeated at the Slego Club, a milestone in italian underground rock, even though garage punk beat was in decline. Other than festivals, large and small of Mod & Beat, local radio interviews, we still remember them at Slego, live, supporting the american band, the Miracle Workers. The public went crazy and they were invited to join a small Austrian EP Label. The group disbanded at the peak of its success and musical maturity. In its wake came thee Catacombs, formed principally from songs written by Gabriele and Enrico but also everything from Louie Louie to Strychnine. Immediately after, Enrico and Ivan founded “Thee Hairy Faires” loosing themselfs, from of the reims Gabriele, to cut 2 LPs, the first of witch contained both Thee Catacombs as covers. So here we are, after 20 years, thanks to stubborn integrity of Keyboards Albano and Gianfranco of Boss Hoss Records an Anthology will finally be released to “AFFASCIANTI” of the purest blood ever seen in Italy.


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