Los Explosivos

Did you ever see that movie from the 60’s called “Mondo Cane?” They featured a 4-star restaurant in that movie that was in Mexico City that served cucarachas. People ate them. They fucking ate COCKROACHES in this overpriced trough! Speaking of Mexico City, I just listened to the new album from Los Explosivos. These sick sacks o’ shit is from Mexico City, too. I’m pretty sure they eat cucarachas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. Los Explosivos probably got them from behind their refrigerator though, then picked them up with their bare hands, tossed them in the air and caught them in their mouths, then washed the cucas down with each others drool and vomit. I say that because these kids are sick with the rock’n’roll disease! Los Explosivos are dirty stinking rotten Mexicans, but not because they’re Mexican. I mean their sound, man! This band papa-oom-mau-maus like trashmen, and screams “Louie Louie” like swamp rats! Yeah! Maybe they eat swamp rats, too! Killin’ and real legit el garage-o-punk-o from Mexic-o! Ay-ay-ay! Let’s bring the border fences down and get these kids some visas! With the latest and lamest American limp-dick “weird-punk” and shit-gaze” trends, the gringo youth could really use a lesson from Los Explosivos in how to fuck shit up with two chords and some huevos grandes. Ole!


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