Fuck Knights

After a stint in New York City as drummer for Dan Melchior’s Broke Revue, GD Mills (aka Sir Gregory Fuck Knight) packed up two drums, a cymbal, two sticks and a microphone and headed west to Minneapolis on an art school scholarship. In the aftermath of a violent ‘destruction of school property’ performance which ultimately lead to his expulsion, Mills formed Fuck Knights in 2007 with bassist Joe Holland on the very same day as the I-35W bridge collapse.

Basement keggers soon became crowded bar gigs, word-of-mouth became press coverage, self-made cassettes became 7″ records released on regional and then European labels (including an EP recorded by Gary Burger from The Monks), and shared bills with the likes of King Khan and BBQ Show, Greenhornes, Black Diamond Heavies, Nobunny, Brimstone Howl, Human Eye, Jacuzzi Boys, Lover!, and Monotonix became tours throughout the U.S. Great Lakes/Rust Belt region.

“Fully endorsed” by Maximumrocknroll and described by Mongrel Zine as “way cool psychedelic garage punk”, Fuck Knights’ raging, ragged rock and roll, according to Smashin’ Transistors, “pays homage to the 60s but doesn’t care to sit around and play dress up because it’s been proven that jumping in a time machine is corny. They just wanna play loud, probably get drunk and maybe get laid (or get arrested trying).” Featuring Mills on lead vocals and an upright 2-piece drum kit, Holland on bass, guitarist Benjamin Sommers-Bachman, and David C. Steffens on trumpet and harp, the band is gearing up to release its first full-length, “Let It Bleed”, on Pesaro, Italy-based Boss Hoss Records in June of 2011.


Hollandwood Booking: Joe Holland


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